How to detect back navigation

Yet another use of pagecontainerbeforechange; it is navigate, hashchange and popstate all in one event! Whether browser’s back button or $.mobile.back() is used, pagecontainerbeforechange is what you need.

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January 15, 2015: Live chat on freenode network. I’ll be waiting for you there! Check “About” page for more details.

Infinite scrolling

November 25, 2014: Fixed multiple firing of scrollstop in Safari iOS.

Fun With the Slider Widget

The jQuery Mobile  (jQM) library includes a basic slider widget, which is used to enter numeric values along a continuum. You define minimum and maximum values for the number and jQM creates a track with a handle you can drag back and forth via mouse or touch. This post presents some examples of extending the basic slider to make it more colorful.

For those of you who can’t wait and would like to see the end results first:

Example End Results

Example 1 –  Dynamic Highlight Color

Let’s take a basic slider with data-highlight set to true; but instead of just showing the default theme highlight color, let’s change the highlight color based on the current value of the slider.  The HTML markup is just the standard jQM slider markup wrapped in a DIV container : Continue reading