Reside-Menu for jQuery Mobile – Part 2

In my previous article regarding “Reside-Menu”, I have explained how to create it but I haven’t explained how to properly use it in navigating between pages. The trick is simple and can be achieved in many ways.

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Reside-Menu for jQuery Mobile

There is no doubt that Panel Widget offered by jQuery Mobile is handy, especially that panels are accessible from many page when using External Panel. However, widgets keep your hands tied up when it comes to applying your own modifications. Modifying widgets is somehow hectic and time consuming and sometimes you don’t get them to work as expected.

I came through this question on stack overflow, where the OP is asking whether it is possible to create such a Reside-Menu (screenshot). Well, nothing is impossible, a bit of CSS, jQuery and a clear mind; anything is achievable. Conclusion…I came up with a Reside-Menu which acts as an External Panel.

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